Demon Renegades Zack Tanin

Zack Tanin is a antagonist in the Iron Man Armored Adventures fanfic Blood Vow Revenge

Age: 19

Weapon: hand-held knife


Zack was born into poverty in New York City. Zack grew up in a violent household, with his parents abusing him until Zack shot them both with a revolver that he found under the floorboards of his home, Zack began eating their bodies as ant desperate act of starvation.

Meeting Conner TessEdit

Zack soon began murdering and eating children who happened to be passing by his house by luring them into abandoned places. Zack barely talked to or interacted with anyone until he met Conner Tess. Zack found out what Conner's parents did to him and what he did to his parents and he and Conner became fast friends, Zack is the same age as Conner, his birthday is 3 days before Conner's.

Meeting Sasha Rorsh and BubbyEdit

Zack soon met Sasha Rorsh after bumping into Bubby after he shoplifted from a grocery store, he and Sasha became friends, Sasha found out that Zack ate people but didn't care about it at all.

Zack soon fell in love with her Sasha is a year younger then Zack. When Pepper Potts told her father about Sasha's drug dealings Sasha went to live with Zack. Sasha lived with Zack for 2 months until Pepper found out about Zack and told the police about him.

Meeting Sara and SeanEdit

When the police searched Zack's house they found the bodies of his parents and 8 children, Zack got Sasha and Conner safely away from the police but he was caught and sentenced to Tamercan asylum. There Zack met Sara Rhines and Sean Morris and they became friends.

Meeting the Demon RenegadesEdit

Zack helped Sara and Sean blow up the asylum to escape, the plan was successful and the group made their way to New York City to be reunited with Sasha. After Zack is reunited with Sasha, Zack meets the rest of the Demon Renegades and learns about every member of the gang.

When Zack learns that Sasha got pregnant by Obadiah Stane at the age of 12 and Zack Rorsh being her son, he, Conner, Johnathan Cage, Sean and Sara kidnap Whitney Stane, beat her, and torture her at a abandoned warehouse, but when Lenne is enraged after a failed seduction with Stane, Lenne Lee violently beats Whitney and a somebody nearby calls the police before Conner killed him, Zack even attempts to rape Pepper but is interrupted, runs off, and leaves Pepper traumatized. But regardless of what happened between Sasha and Stane Zack will always love Sasha and protect her son.

Sasha Rorsh is Zack's girlfriend and love interest