Demon Renegades Yasmin Young
Yasmin Young is a antagonist in the Iron Man Armored Adventures fanfic Blood Vow Revenge


Age: 15

Weapon: Katana


Yasmin's mother died giving birth to her, leaving her in the custody of her father, James Young. At age 5, her father began using cocaine given to him by an partner, Aaron Sanders.

Age 7Edit

At age 7, Yasmin's father took her to Tonya's house to get more crack, there Yasmin and Tonya Sanders meet. Both Yasmin and Tonya's parents never bothered them when they were on crack. Over the months Yasmin and Tonya became best friends.

Meeting the Demon RenegadesEdit

At age 10 the girls snuck out of Sanders house and played at an old abandoned warehouse, when they came to the house they saw police cars parked outside Tonya's house and their parents coming out in handcuffs. Right then and there the girls realized that their parents were caught.

Yasmin ran to her house and got a sword her father bought as a memory of him. She and Tonya stayed in the old warehouse for 4 days until they met Lenne Lee who introduced them to Sasha Rorsh, Conner Tess, and Bubby. Yasmin and Tonya joined the group and have been traveling with them ever since.

Conner Tess is Yasmin's boyfriend and love interest