Demon Renegades Tonya Sanders
Tonya Sanders is a antagonist in the Iron Man Armored Adventures fanfic Blood Vow Revenge

Age: 15

Weapon: Spiked Meteor Hammer, bladed bolas.


Tonya is the daughter of drug dealer Aaron Sanders and his wife Emily. Tonya became friends with Yasmin Young at age 7, when her father gave Yasmin's father started buying cocaine from Tonya's father.

Tonya and Yasmin are the same age, Yasmin's birthday is a week after Tonya. At age 10 Tonya was with Yasmin when her and Yasmin's parents were taken into police custody.

Meeting the Demon RenegadesEdit

Tonya and Yasmin first met Lenne Lee who introduced the to the Demon Renegades and she and Yasmin traveled with the group ever since. Tonya thinks of the Demon Renegades as an example of the true "American Dream" in that she is frequently entering a new profession to the point of being unrealistic.


Tonya has great confidence in her sex appeal, Tonya exhibits a pure, intense lust for brutal, vicious manslaughter in most of her actions. Tonya is a determined, strong and secretive young woman, but she is not entirely cold. She does form working relationships with those around her.

She does have a tendency to act antagonistic, possibly again due to her experiences growing up. She despises anything or anyone who pisses her off or messes with anyone of the Demon Renegades.

Jason Shay is Tonya's boyfriend and love interest