Demon Renegades Sean Morris

Sean Morris is a antagonist who attacks James Rhodes in the Iron Man Armored Adventures fanfic Blood Vow Revenge

Age: 20

Weapon: Cleaver/Butcher knife


Sean's life was like any other teen's. He had two parents that loved him, and at the age 15 in high school he dated the head cheerleader. But at 15 when Sean caught his girlfriend with another man Sean snapped right there. He killed her and the other man with a found butcher knife. After he killed them Sean began stalking and killing other girls whenever he felt like it and soon later began eating them. His parents never suspected a thing.

Meeting Sara and ZackEdit

At the age 18 Sean killed a total of 57 and ate a total girls but was later caught. Doctors told the courts Sean was criminally insane and was committed to Tamercan asylum, there he met Sara Rhines and Zack Tanin and became friends. Sean fell in love with Sara during his years in the asylum.

Meeting the Demon RenegadesEdit

At age 20, Sean planed to blow up the asylum with everyone in it except Zack and Sara. They escaped successfully before blowing up the asylum using gasoline and some other kind of gas in the boiler room. Sean, Sara, and Zack go to New York. There Zack is reunited with Sasha Rorsh, and with Sara and Sean they joined the Demon Renegades group. Sean goes back to killing and eating women, but will always be loyal to Sara.

Sara Rhines is Sean's girlfriend and love interest