Sasha 1


Sasha Rorsh




Main Antagonist


2 CZ 75s, 2 Kahr K9 Elite 98s, hand-held knife.


Zack Tanin(boyfriend)

Zack Rorsh(Son)

Sasha Rorsh is the main antagonist in the Iron Man Armored Adventures fanfic Blood Vow Revenge


At age 6, Sasha started selling heroin due to the fact the her parents both worked 2 jobs, were barely home 2 feed and take care of her, and that her father's brother stored the heroin in her house but was killed by a cop after attempting armed robbery,

Sasha began selling the heroin and made 300 a day and used it to buy new clothes and food when her parents were gone. 2 months later, she finds a robot wolf that she names Bubby when she re-activates him, then she meets and befriends Zack Tanin who ate his own parents as an act of starvation but Sasha knows about it and didn't tell any1, Zack likes Sasha as a friend but falls in love with her.

Age 9Edit

At age 9, Pepper Potts discovered what Sasha was doing, she told her father and he told the police about Sasha's drug dealing. The police searched the house but never found her, Sasha's parents were committed for 15 yrs for child endangerment.

Sasha made a blood vow and swore revenge on Pepper. For 2 months she lived with Zack and met his friend Conner Tess who was the same age as Zack. But later Pepper sees Sasha with Zack and told the police were they were, Zack got Sasha away from the cops but Zack was committed to an asylum when the police discovered the bodies of his parents and 8 kidnapped children that Zack killed and ate. So Sasha, Conner, and Bubby lived a life on the streets.

Life HomelessEdit

At age 12 Sasha needed money for food and warm clothes for her and Conner. Then one day she met Obadiah Stane and he promised her $800 if she would stay with him for one night in a hotel at Trenton Sasha accepted the offer, but later she found out what he really wanted from her and she let him have sex with her as a result she got pregnant with a baby boy who she named Zack Rorsh.

At age 13 Sasha met Tonya Sanders, Yasmin Young, and Lenne Lee, At age 16 she met Nick Shay, Jason Shay, and Lena Carson.

At age 17 she met Johnathan Cage.

Current SituationEdit

At 18 Sasha returns to New York and plains to kill Pepper but while she plans to kill her she brutally beats Pepper up so the she will suffer as Sasha suffered on the street because of Pepper.

Zack Tanin is Sasha's boyfriend and love interest.