Personality Edit

Pepper is very hyperactive and rarely ever stops talking, making her kind of a comical relief: when asked why Stark never told her he was Iron Man, Tony replied because she was never quiet long enough for him to tell her; her father, comments in a half-asleep state that she talks too much; in Secrets and Lies, her kidnappers thought of killing her just to shut her up, as well as SHIELD throwing her out of the Helicarrier because she wouldn't stop asking questions. Even Rhodey, despite being her friend, refers to her as a little on the crazy side. Pepper is also quite melodramatic; when Tony keeps putting off their science project, she tells him that they will have to make a volcano out of clay and baking soda and will have to leave the Tomorrow Academy out of embarassment.

Blood Vow RevengeEdit

10 years ago Pepper told her father and he told the police about Sasha Rorsh drug dealing. The police searched the house but never found her, Sasha's parents were committed for 15 yrs for child endangerment. Sasha made a blood vow and swore revenge on Pepper.

2 months later Pepper saw Sasha with Zack and told the police were they were, Zack got Sasha away from the cops but Zack was committed to an asylum when the police discovered the bodies of his parents and 8 kidnapped children that Zack killed and ate, making Sasha homeless and more angry.

10 years laterEdit

Sasha returns to New York and plains to kill Pepper but while she plans to kill her she brutally beats Pepper up so the she will suffer as Sasha suffered on the street because of Pepper.