Demon Renegades Lenne Lee

Lenne Lee is a antagonist

Age: 12

Weapon: Hunter knife


Lenne killed her mother and big sister at the age 6 after she was sick and tired of her big sister being treated better than she was and sick of her mother treating her like nothing but dirt Lenne laughed while she was killing them and ran away.

A day after she ran away from home she met Sasha Rorsh, Conner Tess, and has traveled with them ever since.


Lenne is always showing signs of being an insane psychopath. Lenne sees Sasha as the big sister that she always wanted. She was the one who gave the Renegades their name.


Lenne is a child who could be defined as a psychopath. She is manipulative, superficially charming when needed, and lacks remorse

She can easily induce fear, empathy, and even admiration when it suits her ambitions.