Lena Carson is a antagonist in the Iron Man Armored Adventures fanfic Blood Vow Revenge

Age: 1
Lena Carson

Weapon: Bowie style blade, 2 Berettas,


Lena is a two-fisted, large-busted, psycho-killing woman. Lena is a serial killer known as “The Succubus” At the age 9, her father turned her to the life of prostitution.


Raised by the knowledge of the whore game on the streets of Chicago. Lena killed one of her clients at the age of 14, and ever since then she began killing all her clients.

Age 16Edit

At age 16 Lena was sick of living with her father, she killed him by seducing him and sliced his throat. Lena eventually made her way to Pittsburgh by hitchhiking. Lena met Sasha Rorsh, Lenne Lee, Tonya Sanders, Yasmin Young, Nick Shay, Jason Shay, and Johnathan Cage.

Age 17Edit

At age 17 and joined the Demon Renegades. Lena believes that everyone in the Demon Renegades are the only people who have seen the world as she has seen it. Perhaps she’s right… Lena hopes and wants to be a professional female wrestler someday.

Johnathan Cage is Lena's love interest and boyfriend

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