Jason Shay
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Baseball Bat


Tonya Sanders(girlfriend)

Nick Shay(brother)

Jason Shay is a antagonist in the Iron Man Armored Adventures fanfic Blood Vow Revenge


Jason Shay is the oldest brother Nick Shay, Nick is 3 yrs younger then Jason. Like Tony Stark, Jason was known as a boy genius. Jason and his little brother Nick were abused by their mother for as long as he can remember.


Jason and Nick had a little sister 1 week before their father was killed in a car accident when he was 11 years old and Nick was 8. At age 14 Jason killed his mother with a baseball bat when she almost beat up Nick to death causing him to snap and beat her brutally, showing her no mercy as she showed no mercy to him or Nick.

Nick killed their baby sister by strangling her in her sleep. To protect him and his brother from going to prison, Jason burned their house down and left town.

Meeting the Demon RenegadesEdit

2 weeks later Jason met Conner Tess who introduced him and his brother to Sasha Rorsh, Lenne Lee, Yasmin Young, Tonya Sanders, and Sasha's son Zack Rorsh. Jason is an expert on advanced robotics can hack and disable any security system without being noticed.


Jason is even an excellent engineer and mechanic for his age. Jason may lack human compassion towards the people the Demon Renegades kill but he cares about his little brother, and treats the Demon Renegades like family.

Tonya Sanders is Jason's girlfriend and love interest