Demon Renegades Conner Tess

Conner Tess is a antagonist in the Iron Man Armored Adventures fanfic Blood Vow Revenge

Age: 19

Weapon: 2 Berettas, hunter knife


Conner was born in a small apartment in New York City, where he was abused physically and sexually by his father. Conner's alcoholic mother was aware of the abuse, but did nothing to stop it, believing that as long as her husband was preoccupied with the child, he would leave her alone.

Killing Parents and meeting Zack TaninEdit

One night, the Conner's murdered his father and shot his mother and ran away shortly after. Conner met Zack Tanin a week later after he ran away. Conner learned that Zack's parents always beat him up until he killed them and began eating them.

Meeting Sasha RorshEdit

Conner and Zack became best friends, Conner is the same age as Zack, his birthday is 3 days after Zack's. Conner met Sasha Rorsh after she met Zack. Conner and Sasha became good friends Sasha is a year younger then Zack and Conner. Conner lived with Zack and helped him lure other children for Zack to kill. When Sasha came to live with Zack, Conner treated Sasha like a little sister.

Meeting the Demon RenegadesEdit

The day Pepper Potts told the police about Zack, Zack made Conner swear to protect Sasha with his life, Conner promised Zack and got away with Bubby and Sasha. The day Sasha got pregnant by Obadiah Stane. Sasha, Conner and Bubby got separated at Trenton. When Conner found out that Sasha was pregnant he felt like he broke his promise to Zack and felt like he failed to protect Sasha, and ever since Conner has hated Pepper and Stane. Conner still watches over Sasha and became protective of her son Zack Rorsh.

Yasmin Young is Conner's girlfriend and Love interest