Bubby is a cyborg wolf in the Iron Man Armored Adventures fanfic Blood Vow Revenge


Bubby was designed as a military weapon at Project Pegasus designed to be indestru
ctible with artificial intelligence with an unlimited number of weapons built in. Bubby was completed in 15 yrs, during a couple of tests Bubby showed signs of being brutal, violent, and unmerciful to others this was ignored until he was put out into a battle simulation. The commanders in charge of Bubby were all slaughtered by the wolf when he became enraged by the the men commanding him around.

As a result Project: Pegasus shut Bubby down. Unfortunately Bubby was accidentally put in sleep mode and dumped off at a local dump. Bubby was awakened by Sasha Rorsh when she accidentally bumped into the sleeping robot, Bubby didn't like Sasha at first because he thought she was like the men at Project: Pegasus, but Sasha preferred him as a wolf instead of a dog because she told Bubby herself that wolves are free and dogs are pets.

Bubby became protective of Sasha and became very helpful to her. Bubby is how Sasha and Zack Tanin met. Zack bumped into Bubby after he shoplifted from a grocery store, Sasha was with Bubby that day when Sasha and Zack became friends.

Life with the Demon RenegadesEdit

Bubby left with Sasha when she ran away from home and stayed with her when she lived with Zack. Bubby knows that Pepper Potts is responsible for Sasha being homeless and that is why Sasha got pregnant with Zack Rorsh and hates her for it.

Even though Bubby is brutal and violent, he will always protect and care for Sasha. Jason upgraded Bubby with the ability to change size as high as 350 feet, and the ability to phase through walls and objects. Bubby's teeth and claws can penetrate anything including the Iron Man, War Machine, and the Crimson Dynamo armors