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Blood Vow Revenge is an Iron Man: Armored Adventures Fan fiction story made wildgodess451 that is now posted on


An old enemy from Pepper's past returns to New York after 10 yrs to makes Pepper's life a living hell by threatening, burning, and beating her. Bringing along 11 serial killers, a 6yr old boy and a murderous robot wolf. Tony starts cutting himself, Rhodey is attacked by a serial killer, and Stane has a connection with Pepper's attacker that gravely endangers Whitney's life.

Rated M: for strong/sadistic/brutal/graphic/blood gore/torture/gang violence, some murder scenes by a child, sexual situation with a child, strong language, scene of attempted sexual assault, and intense scenes of self destructive violence.

Main VillainsEdit

Sasha Rorsh

Lena Carson

Sara Rhines

Yasmin Young

Tonya Sanders

Lenne Lee

Johnathan Cage

Sean Morris

Conner Tess

Zack Tanin

Jason Shay

Nick Shay


Zack Rorsh

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